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Finders Keepers 4.00.0

Search files, replace text, index files too.

Program Name: Finders Keepers
Version: 4.00.0
Category: Search tools
Windows: Win 98/ME/2000/XP
License: Shareware
Price: 29.95  Buy 
Author: Yadu Digital, Inc.
Download size: 1.54 MB
Popularity: □□□□
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Finders Keepers - description of program

Finders Keepers(tm) can search files, replace text, index entire hard drives for instant text retrieval, view or launch any found files, zip found files, and edit the found ASCII text files. Search files 4 ways: plain-text search, regular expressions, approximate, and sound-alike. Find words even if they are misspelled. View, edit, or launch found files 6 ways, e.g., by associated programs. An ASCII text editor and a binary-file viewer are built in. With these, click on navigator buttons to jump from finding to finding for quick file or document examination. Copy, move, or delete found files. Save your results to disk for future reference. Replace text safely across multiple files and folders. Choose from 4 levels of confirmation, including word by word. Changed files are backed up automatically. You can replace by regular expressions. You can use a password to disable replace functions for risky users, such as kids or new users. Index selected files or your entire hard drive to find a word with split-second text retrieval. Immediately see the list of files the word is in, and view or launch those files 6 ways. You can find misspelled words in the index easily. Use the index to keep an overview of writing projects. Advanced features include about 70 options to control find and replace operations, what appears in results, file extensions--such as ".sys"--to exclude from all operations, and so on. Other functions include touch, change file attributes, batch-mode find and replace, binary-character search, list files, and drag and drop from Windows Explorer. The program has pop-up, context-sensitive help via the F1 key.

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