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Don't Scratch the Top of a CD!

by Adam Platzer

That's right! Scratching the top of a CD (the screen printed side) can be damaging to the integrity of the CD. Most people try to avoid scratches and blemishes from occurring on the bottom side of the CD. But in reality, the top is the more vulnerable side.

Here's how it works: When a CD is manufactured plastic is formed through a injection molding process that creates tiny pits and lands which make up the data on the media. Once the plastic CD has been molded a layer of metallic and lacquer is applied to the top side in order to protect the data which is imbedded close to the top of the CD. Scratches and blemishes can penetrate the thin metallic and lacquer coatings and potentially damage the media.
Play it safe! Always protect both sides of the media!
Tips for Protecting CD's From Scratches: - Keep CDs in a protective case such as a clamshell, jewel case, etc. - Only use markers made for writing on CD's. Do not use ball point pens, etc.
About the author:
Adam Platzer Spinergy CD/DVD Replication, Duplication, and
Screen Printing Phone: 800-333-1328 http://www.spinergymedia.com
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