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What can AutoResponders do that will save me hundreds of hours?

by James Mann

First let me say there is absolutely nothing wrong with responding to your email manually. I have family, friends and associates that I communicate with all the time through email. Those emails require that personal touch.
What I am talking about is the request for the same information over and over. If I had 10,000 people emailing me asking the same questions I would go bonkers. I could go at it 24/7 and never get them all answered. So instead of wasting my time and those that want answers it is better to send information automatically.

I still really feel strong about the personal touch so I remain available through email and phone.
Online business needs to be fast and efficient because people today never stop and they want answers yesterday. If I can automate a process so that my prospects can receive immediate feedback to certain criteria then I am going to have happy customers and subscribers.
Autoresponders solve the time issue by delivering immediate responses to click of your mouse. This is an Automated-Response can make you the hero of their day, plus it can free up hours that you spend responding manually. And that means I can go fishing.
Think globally because we are not dealing with the folks in our town any more. We are dealing with time zones all around our little planet.
I live on the east coast of Canada. I could be going to bed as you are getting up. By the time you have had your first couple of coffees I will be fast asleep. Dreaming about fishing.
You come across one of my websites on your journey online and email me asking for more information.

Would you rather get an immediate or automated response that gave you the exact answers you are looking for or would you prefer to get the personal touch even though it means you might have to wait a day or two before you get the answer?
Well personally I want an immediate response. If I need something more that what I would receive automatically then I would seek out another email address or means of communicating with you.
Most people forget they even asked for info if they have to wait. By the time they get a response they have already gone elsewhere and perhaps even made a purchase there.
About the author:
James Mann iNET Strategies Inc. http://www.theautoresponderreview.com/ Learn the power of automating your response to requests by using autoresponders.
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