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Effective Methods for Blocking Email Spam

by Tara Smith

Spam are annoying emails from persons or organisations who are trying to sell a product or service. Since the internet has gained popularity, spam has become an increasing problem for those who use the internet often. Many mailboxes now offer email spam blocker software that will mail all unidentified email to a person's bulk email folder. This will free up space in their main folder and also allow a person to delete what they don't want faster. Email spam blockers are available for instant download at very affordable prices.
An email spam blocker is important for several reasons. The first is storage space, many mailboxes can only store a limited amount of mail. Since spam can take up space, a spam blocker will not allow large files into the main mail folder. The second reason is to keep potentially harmful spam from being opened. Sometimes spam can contain a virus that can be harmful to a computer. The third reason is that people do not want to spend their time reading lengthy advertisements for products they are not going to purchase.

An email spam blocker can be turned on and off by the email user. There are different settings that will allow certain spam to get through and keep other spam out. It is important that a person not open mail from those they do not know. Also, do not give out personal information in case of identity theft. Always delete email spam immediately. These days, most email accounts will delete spam that has been in the folder for thirty days. This storage does not count toward the email accounts total amount of storage. But it is still wise to delete spam when it is delivered. Still, spam may get into a person's main mail folder. Do not open it and delete it right away to avoid damage to the computer.
About the author:
Tara Smith is CEO of Wealthontap.com a directory of the best Work From Home Based Businesses | Information on Stopping Spam
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