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How to download music to Your PSP

by Kelvin Ho

So, you've purchased a brand new Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) and are a little confused as to how to listen to your favorite tunes. With the latest audio technology, your PSP can read and play all familiar music files such as MP3, MP4 and others. All you need to do is make sure the file format you use is compatible with the PSP.
This article will give you a step-by-step process to get you going and to allow you to enjoy your music wherever you go.
Downloading music to your PSP is a relatively simple matter. The following steps will make your task a little easier.
How to download music files from your PC to a PSP:

1. Ensure that your PSP has a Memory Stick Duo. Format by going to Home/ Settings/System Settings/Select option (X button)/format memory stick/select. This is a one-time only procedure. 2. Attach USB cable into PSP on top middle edge and in available slot on PC. 3. On Settings menu, select USB Connect - This allows your PC to recognize the PSP as a removable drive. 4. Reboot system after drivers have loaded. 5. After reboot, PSP will show up as Removable disk (...x). 6. Double click on this drive - highlight folder called PSP, double click and you will see four individual folders already set up: Game, Music, Photos & SaveData. 7. Drag your MP3 files into MUSIC folder.
What if I Need to Convert my music files?
1. If conversion is necessary, you may need to use an audio conversion program - check out the internet for an abundant supply of various programs designed for this regardless of whether you operate in a MAC or a WINDOWS environment. 2. When you begin the Switch Program, it will take you to a blank window. 3. Click 'Add Folder', search 'my documents' and then 'My Music', select your music files. 4. Select the output format you want. 5. Now you can copy all the files you want to the relative folders. 6. When finished - scroll list to 'devices with removable storage', click on PSP removable disk and select 'Eject' 7. If you get an error message from windows regarding ejection failure, you can just ignore it. Once you unplug the PSP, the message will go away and everything will work fine.
How Do I Listen to my Music? Listening to your downloaded songs is as simple as going to your Music folder, search until you see the list of MP3 files - click and enjoy.
About the author:
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